To Develop Students Who Are Christ-like, lifelong learners and responsible citizens

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Our Mission & Values

To grow our students into Christ-like, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens through after-school programs focusing on Biblical knowledge, mentorship and academic support.

We believe every individual is God’s creation and a valuable member of the community. Through mentoring and education the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center helps children to build strong characters, recognize their dignity and embrace their leadership in the community.

Students are empowered to break the cycle of generational poverty and government dependency.


God Has A Plan: None of us is a mistake. Children who attend the Learning Center are provided a daily devotional and encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God. Our students are also encouraged to attend regular worship services and to put lessons learned in Bible study to work in their lives.



Educational Excellence: Completing homework is the first step toward success in school. We teach children the importance of completing homework because it improves performance in school and teaches responsibility. Reading is the number one skill used every day. We support the growth of strong reading skills in our students, grow their confidence, and encourage them to explore the world through books. Math skills are also critical to student success. We provide our students tutoring in basic math skills to build a strong foundation for success in school, in their career, and in life. 


Good Citizenship: Each student is a valuable part of the community. Our students learn to respect themselves and others and to care for themselves with healthy food and activities. Children who attend the Learning Center are fed a hot, well-balanced meal and participate in healthy physical activities every day.


We accomplish our mission by:

Maintaining a stable and dependable learning environment

Serving as a positive leadership force in the community

Providing all students with quality educational assistance

Addressing the aspirations and abilities of all students

Modeling the behaviors expected from students toward others and their environment

Empowering students to make choices in their learning process

Recognizing the worth, dignity and leadership capacity of every individual


We serve students in the inner city community from K – 8th grades. While some live in the Butler Terrace community where the Learning Center is located, most do not.  Students are recommended to our program by teachers and administrators and find us through word of mouth, and family connections. 


  • Morris P-8 School

  • Ridgecrest Elementary

  • Whitesburg Elementary/Middle

  • Blossomwood Elementary

  • Huntsville Middle

  • Valley Fellowship Christian Academy

  • Holy Spirit Catholic School

  • Holy Family School

  • McDonnell Elementary

  • Lincoln Academy

  • Sonnie Hereford Elementary

  • Chaffee Elementary

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The Huntsville Inner City Learning Center is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing at-risk children in the Huntsville area with the extracurricular support they need to succeed in school, build meaningful lives and careers for themselves, and become socially responsible members of society who are productive and competent lifelong learners.